Doll Wig - White

Doll Wig - White
29.83 лв.Стара цена: 40.27 лв.
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Продуктов код: BW093WTПродуктов No: 40181Преглеждания: 95Марка:
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Продукт: 29.83 лв.
Доставка: 4.90 лв.
Общо: 34.73 лв.

Ако направите няколко бързи поръчки, автоматично ще ги обединим и ще платите само една доставка.

Внимание!!! Описанието към продукта е само на английски.

Create a completely new look within seconds with this beautiful wig from the Be Wicked Wigs collection! The wig is perfect to wear during a fun roleplay or you can wear it in combination with a sexy costume. Cleaning:If necessary, rinse the wig with lukewarm water. Carefully apply shampoo (don\\\'t rub) and rinse it off again with lukewarm water. Wrap the wig in a clean towel and gently squeeze it to get the water out.

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