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Продукт: 90.30 лв.
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Ако направите няколко бързи поръчки, автоматично ще ги обединим и ще платите само една доставка.

Внимание!!! Описанието към продукта е само на английски.

If you\'ve been spending your spare time at the grocery store, little league games, and other housewife hangouts looking for some ripe MILF snatch, this busty babe is just for you. Face it, you like your tail a little more mature and this sexy soccer mom slut is just your type. Just because a woman has a kid doesn\'t mean she isn\'t still horny - in fact, it means she definitely PUTS OUT and wants dick! You want a woman who knows how to please not some young, wet-behind-the-ear little youngin\' licking your helmet all night long. This mature mama is looking for someone to squeeze her milk-swollen tits, slap her big round ass, and give her the young hard cock her husband isn\'t providing her. Pick a hole and pound it and give motherly love a whole new meaning!

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